Ish Peralta | Body Painter and Makeup Artist | New York City | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: New York City
Industry: Art Direction
Professional Title: Body Painter and Makeup Artist
Specialties: Fine Art, Body Paint, Makeup

- About -

Ish is professionally trained in all aspects of beauty and special effects makeup, which includes but is not limited to, creature design, theater makeup, period makeup, corrective makeup and airbrush. All of this training culminated in his passion for using the entire body as a canvas to create works of art. Ish is recognized as one of the top body painters in NYC and one of the top Camouflage Body Painters through out the United States. He is always looking for ways combine body paint with beautiful causes and has even been recognized by a few news outlets in NYC as well as through out the United States. Periodicals such as the New York Post have featured some of his impactful work.