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Martha Panagiotopoulou is a Greek architect and visual artist currently based in Glasgow. She has lived and studied in Athens, Brussels and Paris. Her academic background is in architecture (BA at the National Technical University of Athens) and her practice spans across the fields of architecture and sculpture. She is currently completing an MFA in Fine Arts at the Glasgow school of Art Martha’s practice revolves around the possibilities of the human psyche during the contemporary era when both man and the natural world are found in a fragile and precarious situation. Her basic interest is found in the in-between space where duality (between the physical and the emotional, the self and the Other, the self and the environment) is transcended and barriers are eradicated to create a space of wholeness and connection. Her explorations derive through the investigation of ancient myths referring to the notions of birth, fertility, the spiral evolution of time and transformative human journeys. She believes in everything that acts like a mediator and leads us in the in-between space, outside of the shell of the “self”. Archetypes, symbols and even sometimes rituals are redefined in an attempt to create a multi-sensory universe that transcends cultural differences. ​