Michael | Visual Artist | Portland | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Portland
Industry: Visual Arts
Professional Title: Visual Artist

- About -

I'm an artist, psychotherapist (LPC Registered Intern in Oregon), shamanic practitioner, and herbalist. I received a MA in Counseling from Southwestern College in Santa Fe, NM and a BA from Swarthmore College in PA. I have apprenticed with master herbalists and learned from shamen in the Peruvian Amazon and American Southwest. This work has helped me sensitize to the world around me and to hone my abilities as an intuitive artist and empath. I create as an expression of space and time. I categorize my work according to where and when it was created as it captures visually the energy of that moment or span of time. The only mindset that I hold as I create is "become what you are." I see myself as a receiver and allow the piece to reveal itself as I learn and work to get out of my own way. This is the same approach I take as a psychotherapist. I allow my intuition to guide me and I trust the process as the visual expression, in line and color, taps me into the wisdom of another dimension/frequency/resonance.