Michelle Katz | Photographer, Editor | New York New York | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: New York New York
Industry: Photography
Professional Title: Photographer, Editor
Specialties: Art as Fashion, Advertisement and Fashion Photography, E-commerce Photography

- About -

I've always been passionate about art, especially fashion and photography. After a few years in the world of business and finance, I finally took courage and enrolled myself in a master's degree in fashion photography and retouching in IDEP, Barcelona. At the MSc, I was able to collaborate with many other students, which opened my mind to other types of photography and creative processes I was not used to. During the master's degree, I had to carry out many different photography projects, from lookbooks and portraits to editorials with the most diverse themes. Choosing the right type of light scheme, the best location for the project (studio or outside), aligning the goal of the entire team as well as the ability to adapt to any photography situation and deal with short deadlines were tasks that I developed over this period. Working with a dedicated team, a young and dynamic work environment that breathes art would be a dream coming true.