Michelle Stevens | Fine Artist, Illustrator | Boston | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Boston
Industry: Illustration
Professional Title: Fine Artist, Illustrator
Specialties: 5+ years of Adobe Suites experience; Illustrator; Photoshop; Indesign, Art Illustration, Creative Portraiture

- About -

Michelle Stevens graduated with a BFA in Illustration and Minor in sustainability from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with Honors and a Faculty Choice Award. Identifying as someone floating between illustration and fine art, she is primarily a graphite artist and painter. She is most inspired by the depths of our imaginations, what things are considered “reality”, and human connection. Often with psychological and surreal visual twists, her work is initially sparked by a desire to explore the essence of how particular people, places, or ideas feel and strike her, influencing her to sit with them for a full piece. She utilizes graphite as a medium to suggest things beyond what we can see. Among places she has exhibited are Abigail Ogilvy gallery, Boston City Hall’s Scollay Square Gallery, and ConcordArt, where she recieved the Drawing award at the 20th Annual Roddy Competition. Michelle has also been recognized by publications 3x3 and Creative Quarterly, as well as having worked on major art projects for Boston Calling Music Festival.