Milisa Miner | Strategic Relationship Partner | Huntington Beach | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Huntington Beach
Industry: Creative Direction
Professional Title: Strategic Relationship Partner
Specialties: Mixed Media, Acrylic painting, Set Design

- About -

Growing up I trained as a classical ballerina, danced professionally, traveled the world, got injured and quit. Not knowing what to do with myself I switched gears graduated college and entered the work day to day takes place in a world of numbers, guidelines and structure, far away from where self expression and free flowing form take center stage, an artist is whom I will always identify as and a creative mastermind is what I will always pride myself as being. Realizing that I still needed a creative outlet to maintain a balanced fulfilled life I began to paint. I allowed myself to freely create, regurgitating my emotions, highs, and lows, dreams and fears onto canvas. My creations are an extension of who I am, they are my soul stories. A balance of both worlds is what I enjoy today. Being able to create and being able to help others live up to their full potential are both gifts in themselves and are what define who I am.