Mivos Quartet | Music & Sound | Brooklyn | Art Jobs
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Sector: Contemporary Music
Country: United States
US State: New York
City: Brooklyn
Address: 1911 Albemarle Road 6E Brooklyn, NY 11226
Phone: 802-558-2221

- About -

The Mivos Quartet, “one of America’s most daring and ferocious new-music ensembles” (The Chicago Reader), is devoted to performing works of contemporary composers and presenting new music to diverse audiences. Since the quartet's beginnings in 2008 they have performed and closely collaborated with an ever-expanding group of international composers representing multiple aesthetics of contemporary classical composition. They have appeared on prestigious series such as the New York Phil Biennial, Wien Modern (Austria), the Darmstadt Internationalen Ferienkurse für Neue Musik (Germany), Asphalt Festival (Düsseldorf, Germany), HellHOT!

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