Joe Martin | Art Director, Lead Artist (2d Specialist) | Maidstone | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: Maidstone
Industry: Art Direction
Professional Title: Art Director, Lead Artist (2d Specialist)
Specialties: Fine Art, Illustration, Photography

- About -

Joe’s work has been seen by millions of people around the world. He has worked remotely for film, in-house for architectural visuals and on location for television and theatre. Whatever the project, working solo or directing a team he is prepared well in advance and ready to push the envelope. “Joe was amazing in helping us visualise a complex looking film. he is fast and meticulous, with an exciting energy to capture the moment.” — Faraz Hameed (Interstellar, The Hobbit, Dark Knight rises) In 2017, Joe finally received confirmation that he had a chemical imbalance in the brain, which led him to be dangerously overstimulated all the time. "I began to notice something was wrong when I around 15 if I'm honest. I didn't react to things the way other people did, or should. This isn't to say, 'oh you're artistic, embrace it Joe' or anything like that, it was something more fundamental that increasingly started to dominate my every day. I found that with my creative success, the emotional and impulsive side of the brain was taking over. I had to go all the way up the ladder to eventually see on screen with two lovely professors that my brain was actually conditioned to live in a depressed state. I went on to receive 2 months of TMS. I had 52,000 pulses of magnetism directly onto my brain. It wasn't pleasant but looking at my scans and working with them, to understand the condition, I am now thankfully present in the room." He is now looking to mindfully collaborate with fellow innovative storytellers again, such as you. Joe brings his ‘painters eye’ to everything he does. Using his very own geometric compositions each piece is tailor made. Portraits such as on Sacha Baron Cohen’s The Dictator, was bought from the studio and now hangs in Sacha’s Los Angeles home. Joe is focussing on well-being and aims to start a family as companies embrace the flexible/remote working way of life. When all comes to fruition, he plans to live in Pigra, his favourite village in Italy. Extra information on background. • The Others A choral teaser of my score for Cosmos. Beyond The Milky Way. It was arranged for choir using Eric Whitacre's collaboration with Spitfire Audio, Labs Choir. • A collection of speed paintings, all on the iPhone using Pro-create. I helped develop the app into what is now called Pocket. • Elephant Park - West Grove. A film I directed with LendLease for Cityscape. Welcome to West Grove, the next chapter of Elephant Park, Central London’s greenest new place to live. West Grove is set around two landscaped courtyards in two distinct neighbourhoods, Highwood Gardens and Orchard Gardens. West Grove is ideally located to enjoy the independent shops on Elephant Park’s new central shopping street, as well as the brand new park at the heart of the development. The estimated completion date for West Grove is Spring/Summer 2018. • Delete CONQUERED. Please watch. Playing a small part to enable big change. Whilst undergoing treatment for longterm depression, I had the good fortune of being able to show a friend a world she would otherwise be merely an observer of. Have a look at the conquered series of Leanne's adventures, made possible with simple enabling and see her experience things most people take for granted every single day. Playlist -