moonmambo | Artist, Graphic Designer | London | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Industry: Craft
Professional Title: Artist, Graphic Designer

- About -

STATEMENT My work speaks of relationships. I love to watch people, I am interested in their gestures, their behaviors and I am interested in their experiences, the way they see the others and especially their behaviors regarding love, how much their hearts is educated about love, something difficult to find pure, but mainly made from interests at my eyes appears. Looking past the obvious. As relationship can be peaceful or not, as relationship can be good or bad, all starts from a mix of elements which are body shapes, behavior types, gestures, those elements can be aligned or not, everything starts from here. Searching for elements and combining them in order to create their own balance. BIO “Teresa Orazio has worked in creative fields for sixteen years so far, including graphic design, cosmetics, fashion, and advertising. She has worked for agencies including McCann Erickson and has collaborated on projects for Rolling Stone magazine. In Milan, she got involved in the world of street art, a style she developed and refined in the city of Amsterdam where she lived for seven years. Aside from creating commissioned works, she runs her ongoing, personal art project, moonmambo, which has been published in several magazines online including It’s Nice That, KALTBLUT, Hellomart, BOOOOOOOM, IGNANT, Contemporary art curator, and Young Space. Having lived in 4 countries and 13 cities so far, she considers herself a daughter of this world creating space between art and design.”