Myriam Tillson | Artist, Painter | London | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Professional Title: Artist, Painter

- About -

Myriam Tillson is a French artist living and working in London, in the UK. She is mostly self and peer-taught, and after working in the film and entertainment industry as a prosthetic make-up artist, she decided to turn her attention to creating her own work, and became a freelance illustrator and painter. She works mainly traditionally, with gouache and watercolour as her primary mediums, and focuses on a figurative but stylized aesthetic, with dark and fantastical elements. Her pieces relate heavily to mental health, psychology, the natural world, and the human condition, and explore those themes in depth, with an often strange and surreal twist. Her work aims to make the viewer question the meaning and complexity of our world and minds, and strives to create a sense of uneasy fascination, and provoke conflicting but interlacing feelings and emotions.