Nadira Foster-Williams | Actress, Artist | Brooklyn | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Brooklyn
Industry: Arts & Culture
Professional Title: Actress, Artist
Specialties: creative & factual writing on any topic past or present, facilitating workshops for hard-to-reach/vulnerable young people through art and drama, Critical Thinking

- About -

A lively spirit with a genuine joie de vie and artistic flair that fosters a receptive and creative, energetic environment. Engaging, charismatic, reliable, hard-working, energetic, and diligent-the one for the job! My life’s work is dedicated to making seamless the divide between profoundly transformative art which celebrates the human experience; and the public who profoundly informs and defines that art. For me, art, it’s spaces, and it’s history become a refuge, a ceremony, and celebration in which our consciousness intersects. This constellation of art preservation and intention marks a victory in our shared human experience; our exploration of what we are made of.