naroa | Photographer | London | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Industry: Photography
Professional Title: Photographer
Specialties: Photography (Traditional Darkroom/Digital)

- About -

Naroa Pérez studied Pedagogy in Basque Country University in San Sebastian, Spain. After her studies she realizes that she wants to know more about photography and joined a little photography school in San Sebastian called Amaiur (now known as IVASFOT). In 2002, she worked as freelance for magazines and little publications, and also worked as photographer and retoucher at MyZ photography studio specialized in interior design photography. Very influenced by German photography she worked hard at the studio and after also worked as freelance with interior designers. By 2010, she felt the need to come back to analogue, to the darkroom, and asked a place to work at Arteleku, a public international art institution where there was a darkroom rarely used. She worked on her own practice and organised some artistic and conceptual photography workshops inviting well-known Spanish photographers. She has exhibit in several informal places in Basque country, showing some personal projects related to nostalgia, identity, grief, including some self-portraits and stills, mainly in medium format 6x6, using a Yashica 124mat. On the last workshop she organised met Xavier Ribas, photographer and lecturer at Brighton university and she was encouraged to study in London. By 2014, she decided to study at London College of Communication UAL, and she graduated in 2017. She stayed most of her time in LCC darkroom, colour most of the time, working around the idea of mistake, chance, nostalgia, memory, touch. Last year of university she joined a workshop of liquid emulsion/ liquid light. She spent last year of university printing images/portraits on fabric, in organdie, a cotton fabric stiff and transparent, and made a book with it. The main idea was to make those images tactile, people could be able to touch the images. Since then her practice is related to the haptic, touch, contact, nostalgia, memory, borders, mistake, chance, freedom, connections, darkroom, craft, time, childhood. Once graduated she tried several darkrooms to work in and at the end she stablished her practice in E5 process, a darkroom specialized in alternative processes as lith, wet collodion and liquid emulsion. Also found a job at Photofusion, a photography centre in Brixton, London. Where she works as technician part time. She always claims that a good photographer needs to be a good technician, is part of the work.