Natalia Medellin | Visual arts Degree | New York | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: New York
Industry: Visual Arts
Professional Title: Visual arts Degree
Specialties: Adobe Suites Illustrator; Photoshop; Indesign ; fashion; sewing

- About -

I am a visual artist from Colombia, I am based in New York city studying a certificate in Fine Arts. I like to make illustrated books and i have been working with different clients doing illustrations for them as a freelance job. I work with a couple of film festivals in Colombia and New York. I have three things that I love to do, drawing, painting and make books. As a visual artist I chose to specialized in graphic arts so I love print media and digital things I am really good working with photoshop and illustrator and I consider myself and artist that make art from the tropics so all of my personal work is based on my cultural heritage.