Nathanael Myers | Creator, Mover | Brooklyn | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Brooklyn
Industry: Multidiscipline
Professional Title: Creator, Mover
Specialties: Concept development, Photoshop, directing

- About -

As an artist, I am interested in a multitude of mediums fueling my artistic practice. Initially drawn to the simplicity of graphite it led me to study two-dimensional renderings in collegiate studies. The study of movement and choreographer naturally led me to question the arts' environment, setting, architecture, and space it occupies, employing the mediums of sculpture, mixed media, and installations. In accord with my first solo and museum exhibitions, I was awarded the 2019 Buffalo Exchange Community Artist Award, for my work within the fields of visual art, dance, and arts administration. Selling through Christie's Auction House, employing the new ‘collection’ approach to the various mediums I play within, and receiving multiple scholarships to continue my education through UrbanGlass, has now led me to my first solo exhibition in New York and testing out the newest medium of glass. Drawn to collaboration and multidisciplinary work I look forward to creating in honesty surrounding my artist statement.