Francesca Dowthwaite | Freelance Silversmith, Retail supervisor | PADDOCK WOOD | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
Industry: Jewelry
Professional Title: Freelance Silversmith, Retail supervisor
Specialties: Ecosilver and sustainable materials

- About -

To whom it may concern, I am a young qualified jewellery designer and maker with experience selling my work to high end markets in Kensington, Chelsea, Winchester and Salisbury. As well as proven luxury sales experience I am confident in high quality customer service, customer focused roles and priorities. I have over 3 years’ experience working for businesses with large customer demographics and sales targets. My experience ranges from working high end shows for my personal jewellery business, working in the hospitality industry and administration. I bring a positive attitude, high work ethic and professionalism to each of these experiences. I have also developed skills for high quality customer service and an organised work environment. These include good time management and task prioritising, teamwork and team management, product knowledge development and innovation. My personal attributes also help in creating a memorable, friendly and excellent customer service experience by displaying consistent patience, understanding, knowledge and attention to detail but most of all a living passion for the design industry especially concerning product quality control and customer satisfaction at purchase and after care. I have several manual and academic qualifications that have informed and improved my employment experiences and performance, most prominent being; BA Hons in jewellery making and design, Part-time study of MA Design focusing on sustainable product development and A level business studies. These particular qualifications have allowed me to conduct self-learning through research and theory study as well as essential trade techniques for metallurgy, gemmology and product design. After working part-time self-employed and employed in several different industries inside retail and administration, I am now ready for a full-time role working in or around the bespoke/designer jewellery industry specialising in sales and commission work. I aim to further develop essential sales skills and demonstrate my tenacity, creativity and passion in a luxury, established environment. I am aiming to leave my current employment for new job opportunities beginning November 2018. Employment date can be sooner depending on individual job specifications and circumstances as I require a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice.