Extended deadline: 22nd of January 2019

Intermission invites artists to engage with two diametrically opposed public and social contexts; the Reinickendorf Town Hall in Berlin, Germany, and the historical centre of Paduli, Italy.

With the call for the exhibition at the Reinickendorf Town Hall we challenge artists to intervene in a space that is defined by its function as a public institution.

The most representative artists will be selected for an art residency that will take place in Paduli, IT, in the hinterland of Naples. 

Heavily damaged and depopulated by a tragic earthquake in 1962, Paduli  lays on the opposite side of the spectrum of institutionalised places. It will be the ground zero for artistic interventions that aim to define a new interpretation of human space and establish a new connection among various elements of the urban fabric.


We invite artists to apply for Function.Anomy within the 22nd of January 2019 23:59PM, Berlin time. 

There is no application fee.

The exhibition will take place between 28th of March and 16th of May.

The 1-4 weeks residency will start the 2nd week of June and end the 2nd week of July.

What is Intermission

Intermission is a collective of artists from international backgrounds.

We support artists establishing autonomy from business-driven intermediation and promoting the critical understanding of their work.


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