Call for Artists - REST / RETREAT - Wake up screaming #15



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This month’s Wake up screaming will touch on themes of rest, retreat and recuperation, but also on themes such as the moon, dreams, autumn, hibernation, religious holidays, maybe even reaching into realms of death, religion and perhaps some themes I haven’t even thought about yet. I will be thinking about rest and how this can enhance my creative action in the long run. 

After a year of leading our readers into the abyss of epic subjects sch as Dreams, Trees, Alchemy. In this edition I will let go and be led by you the contributing artists as we explore the landsacpe of rest. There is only one rule, the edition will be a "mini" edition, not include more than 10 pages, this is to relieve my work load, allow me to rest, but also so that we encourage artists to push the boundaries on their contributions.  

If you would like to contribute to this months edition on “Rest”, why not write an article, between 600-1200 words, about your chosen rest related topic, this could be related to sleep, meditation, hibernation, illness, death, the night time, to name a few ideas, but we would rather receive work on subjects we have not consideres, that fall wthin the realms of rest. We look forward to hearing your creative ideas.

I am also interested in hearing artist’s experiences of retreats, meditation, creative or otherwise, and from people running creative and spiritual retreats. 

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