SHESHOWS | a night of performance and film




SHESHOWS presents stories of bearing, endurance and strength by artists whose work identifies with the concept of endurance, bearing and power in relation to women and girls and the female experience.

Join us and the artists for a diverse and celebratory night of performance, screenings, interactions and sharing at Leyden Gallery.

As women we are programmed, both genetically and socially, to bear. We bear growing up in a patriarchal world. We bear physical discomfort on a regular basis. We bear pressures around our appearance. We regularly bear unwanted sexual comments and advances. We bear the responsibility of sexual pleasure and the possibility of pregnancy. We bear the judgements made about us from the reproductive choices we make. We bear caring responsibilities for children and family members and the domestic space. We bear interruptions, noise and physical exhaustion, the responsibility of emotional labour and the tension between public and private that comes with raising children to adulthood and beyond. We bear invisibility as we age. We bear living up to expectations. Bearing shows strength, resilience and endurance. Strength and resilience are power.

*The Leyden artBar will be open and serving drinks, including cocktails all evening*

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