Arteventura - ecologic artist’s residence in the Spanish inland - summer studio 2019




Deep in the Spanish inland, on a wooded estate of 25 hectares, lies the ecologic artist’s residency arteventura. Two programs for artists and a distinct philosophy of autonomy and back to basics form the foundation of the residency.
Not only, does the finca – Spanish for “rural estate” – offer its literal spaces, but the interaction with nature and the desire for autonomy of the estate is also meant to be inspiring for all residents. 
Summerstudios are open from Saturday 1st of June until Saturday 21 th of September 2019, with a minimum of 1 week. Everyone who is interested in art, professionally or nonprofessionally. For example: professional artists that only have some free time in the summer, individual students from academies from day or evening classes, groups of teachers with their students, people who want to organize workshops or summer schools, etc. 
Are you looking for magical quietude or swirling turmoil, do you want to hatch and grub, then this is the ideal spot.
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