Aylal H.A. at Las Laguna Art Gallery



Las Laguna Art Gallery is pleased to present Aylal H.A.

Selected from several hundred submissions, Aylal H.A.'s work is part of Las Laguna Art Galleries current exhibition. Each year since 2013 Las Laguna Art Gallery has honored women artists during Women's Month with a monthlong exhibition.

"It is difficult to judge oneself, however, if there is a question then there must be an answer as well. My paintings are highly appreciated by viewers, who are usually overwhelmed by my bright colours, balance, and deep drawing which seem to appear from nowhere, whereas it is almost always an exact depiction of reality. It is difficult to copy something that is not related to rules and that has been created as a unique and unrepeatable soul.

Born and raised in Azerbaijan and strongly influenced by my cultural roots, I have a global vision of the world guided by the cosmos of my sensitivity towards nature, culture and human values. I have practiced and experimented with many different painting styles and techniques, as well as installations where I mix painting and design. wrote in a letter to his son: I believe you are right, pointillism is finished, but I think it will have consequences which later on will be of the utmost importance for art.’ My present work resonates these timeless words."


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