Composition Studies in the Visual Arts





Once of the most often asked questions in the two-dimensional arts is “how do I determine the organization of the pictorial surface, how do I arrange all of the

different features of a composition in such a way as to make it visually pleasing. “

This program of study is designed for anyone who would like to more fully understand the techniques and application principles of organizing as successful visual composition.

Rather than being a single focus workshop this is a continuing program of study, course, if you like, that is dedicated to the development of dynamic and meaningful compositions through a process of discussion, critiques, demonstrations and application “assignments.” This program of study is broken up into 5-week sections of 3 hours per class. Between the 5-week sections there would be a two-week break. Beginning with the first five-week section and continuing on each five-week section would build on the information and applications of the preceding five-week section. This structure could be continued as long as “students” were interested.

This program of study is open to anyone who is interested in developing his or her skills as a visual artist. Some experience in the visual arts would be helpful but by no means is a requirement.


The cost of the first five weeks is $170.


The program will be held at Metaspace, 901 Tomichi Ave,

Gunnison, Colorado 81230


The dates are: Feb 3/10/17/24 and March 3. Sunday 1-4

The Second Session will be held at the same location on March 10/17/24/31 and April 7; Sunday 1-4

To make this course goes we will need to have 6 “students” and to maker sure that we can keep this as individual as possible I will not take more than 8 “students.” If you know of anyone who might be interested and would let them know it would be appreciated.

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