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"Pure Abstraction 2

The Exhibit

Works by International Contemporary Artists opens at Gallery 25N’s online gallery on Thursday, March 24 featuring the work of 17 artists:

  • Chris J. Blackwood, - USA
  • Kelly Blevins - USA
  • Giuseppe Cacciatore - Italy
  • Sharon Dar - USA
  • Michael Drolet - Canada
  • Robert Hoppin - USA
  • Arthur Jacob - USA
  • Michael Kesselman - USA
  • Guntis Lauzums – USA
  • Gary J. Lee - USA
  • Ryota Matsumoto - Japan
  • David Mejia - El Salvador
  • Claudia Moody Jones - USA
  • Zi Moreira - USA
  • Deanna Persson - USA
  • Andrzej Rachon - Poland
  • Diego Tirigall - Argentina

In accordance with this shows theme "Pure Abstraction 2"– artists have been selected whose language for creating art is pure abstraction with little to no depiction of the real world (as in nonrepresentational). This work relies on form, color, and concept to create an abstract work of art with little or no reference to the external world. This selection of work provides the viewer with a clear lineage to the Abstract Expressionism in post-World War II America. These works present the artist’s vision in their uniquely personalized languages.