Nolan Flynn | Adjunct Professor , Artist | Salt Lake City | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Salt Lake City
Industry: Fine Arts
Professional Title: Adjunct Professor , Artist
Specialties: 20+ years of drawing and painting:Acrylic and Oil painting, Branding & Design; concept; illustration; Drawing; Painting

- About -

Recently finished my MFA at the University of Utah this past May 2019. My focus has been in contemporary arts and my research primarily dealt with abstract works and conceptual artists codifying works for both insular and tangible ways of documentation. I've been working on how to marriage technology and art, specifically painting to bring it into view once again, instead of being seen as a dead practice. Utilizing the laser I have been modulating the DPI or dots per inch, the speed, the power, and the filter to etch away layers of paint in a reductive manner. These new works I believe are a step in the right direction especially concerning the contemporary approach to both science and art.