Verneen Hill | Artist | Cap May Court House | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Cap May Court House
Industry: Fine Arts
Professional Title: Artist

- About -

Artist, Verneen Hill is a self-taught artist who has being doing artistic pieces since she was six-years-old and honed her skills under the tutelage of her late grandmother. She is a native of New Jersey even though she had ventured to California for 12 years, recently returning. Life called her in many different directions causing her to leave behind her true passion of wanting to be an artist. After 24 years in the Business Management Industry things shifted in an unexpected direction due to a work injury. Turning her world completely upside down, Verneen felt the need to resorted back to a place of contentment. Art became her therapy! She can now unleash all the creativity that she has held behind the mask. Being able to share with the world how she sees it has become very catchy. She is a creator of authentic, spellbinding pieces that feature many of the most complicated techniques. One can instantly recognize from her social media posts that this artist puts her heart into each piece and invests a lot of time into creating masterpieces worthy of being featured among that of the most prolific artists. One of her many accomplishment in this short year has been being featured in the Richard Stockton University’s Museum located in Noyes Arts Garage. Still, this is only the beginning for the artist who has her sights set on even larger museums and being exhibited on a larger scale and has been working hard to make that happen.