Oliver Ojeil | Director, Photographer | Los Angeles | Art Jobs

- About -

Oliver is an award winning director, fashion photographer, screenwriter, colorist and entrepreneur whose lifelong obsession and love for cinema brought him from Milan to Los Angeles in 2017 for the production of his upcoming feature No Woman's Land, a feminist war drama set between the United States and a war torn Middle East, which he wrote and is set to direct. Graduate of Temple University's filmmaking program, he started his career directing commercials for international brands such as Porsche, Audi, and Nestle and music videos for international stars such as Akon. Whether he is working on his own projects or collaborating with other filmmakers, Oliver aims to constantly push himself and innovate his visual style both in the cinematic and photographic mediums. His past experiences include visual effects supervisor credits on Hollywood movies such as The Pyramid and Danger One. Some of his most recent projects as a colorist are The Hard Way, an action feature starring Michael Jai White playing currently on Netflix, The Subject, an upcoming thriller/drama, starring Jason Biggs, and The Incoherents a romantic comedy among other commercial and music video projects. Oliver's next photography exhibitions will take place in Paris at the upcoming "Ethereal" exhibition which will open in the Marais quarter on May 17th at the Galerie Joseph Turenne, and in Portland Oregon at the Black Box Gallery which will open on May 3rd.