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Since I moved my residence to Andorra, I have had the privilege of being able to enjoy the mountains, the snow, and nature in a very pure state. I wanted to capture the peace that wild nature transmits to me in my work in order to "materialize" unique and exceptional moments. Much of my work is related to winter and snowy landscapes, with some corners that nature has surprised me at some point.
On the other hand, my longing for the sea leads me on many occasions to paint seascapes. Again, nature in its purest form surprises us with idyllic landscapes, with views that sometimes seem unreal.
Occasionally I have painted some work that comes out of my usual forests and my marinas, I think that it is always good to get out of one's own comfort zone and look towards new horizons.
What I always try to convey through my work is the tranquility, peace and silence that I feel in these landscapes that abduct me.

This work has been the culmination for me of all the mountain peaks I have painted since I live in Andorra. Grateful to Andorra for its hospitality and the welcome given to me since I arrived, I’ve painted several peaks and mountains representative of the Pyrenean country. This work, from a mountain much loved by Andorrans as it is the highest in the country, has been the most valid that I have taken to do and the one that has been more difficult for me for its depth and perspective, but in at the same time, one of the most satisfactory.
Work Credit: 
Just me, Mia Bacardi
Inspired by many of the many Andorran forests, such as those in any snowy place in the world. As a good fan of snow sports, I usually walk during winter season through snowy forests and these landscapes are what have inspired me to paint this picture. It is representative of my artistic work as I like to capture the corners and places where I am in this small country. I try to capture the same peace that the landscape I see transmits to me: Nature in its pure state, without the slightest expression of human being.
Work Credit: 
Just me, Mia Bacardi
This landscape is another one typical you can easily find walking through a forest during winter time. Usually cold and windy it's pretty easy that you hear noises from the frozen branches which suggest there are witches spying.
Work Credit: 
Just me, Mia Bacardi
Waiting is a very different painting from my style, however, the message I want to convey is the same as the rest of my work: Peace, serenity, silence, tranquility, solitude, etc. Once again, a very lonely snow-covered area that invites the viewer to enter into himself. For the first time I dare to include an element worked by man in the middle of nature, another challenge for me.
Work Credit: 
Just me, Mia Bacardi
This work was commissioned by a special person, being the first commission that I was given during the lock-down forced by the COVID-19 Pandemic. I was provided with a photography of this island and I painted it with the hues of nature in its purest form, with the wonderful colors that a sunrise or sunset offers us. This work is representative of my work because of its marine theme and the colors that emanate from the sky. Once again, nature in its purest form offers us the most beautiful views that we can imagine.
Work Credit: 
Just me, Mia Bacardi

I started painting occasionally when I was a teenager in my hometown, Barcelona.
At my earlies 30 , I moved my residence to Andorra for professional reasons and I enrolled in an art school, which I attended for 4 years.
3 years ago I left the art school. Now I paint in a self-taught way.

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