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Much of my practice is rooted in the philosophy of freedom of emotional expression. The aesthetic is melancholy and contrasted with most works exuding both obvious and subtle human emotions. I am fascinated with the complexities of human expressions, distinctly the face of the elderly, as life is almost embedded into each crease and mark. 

The medium is use is pencil (graphite and charcoal) on paper. Currently my works are based off a particularly emotive image, however, my aim is to steer my work in a more conceptual trajectory, looking at more motion and obscurity in each work that resonates and reflects more strongly my own emotions.

TwentyTwenty Vision
‘TwentyTwenty Vision’ 2020 (Pencil on Paper, 594mm x 841mm) The incentive to create TwentyTwenty Vision (2020), was, ironically, quite a spur of the moment decision for me. I realise now that this work, although simple in concept, is actually quite a poignant reflection of myself and the way I am. I love the intensity in this work, there is so much being expressed yet, so little. Much of myself I hide from people, testing those that I feel are worthy of my time and most vulnerably, my emotional energy. I spend a lot of time observing others, scrutinising subtleties in face, body language and details, probably why I enjoy spending hours drawing faces. I feel like I learn about a person through studying their subtleties. This process draws my mind to think about human nature in a more general sense, fundamentally we all desire to be seen, to be recognised and celebrated in our uniqueness, which is unfortunate as we are all apart of a society that is so deeply trying to homogenise people. No question, COVID-19 has triggered a major external and also internal shift, it has taken until this point to wake up and make a shift in my life to work towards the life that I dream for myself. This I see for so many of the people in my life also. It is the most inspiring thing to witness a community of people working towards shifting the system of homogenisation and following their individual pursuits for the way we dream of how life should look.
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