Katja Moritz

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Katja Moritz lives and works in Vienna, Austria. Her paintings are known for their extensive and multi-layered appearance. Rich in color, expression and depth, the artist’s detailed observations of nature are reflected in all of her work. Daily observations are her visual desire, they are her collection, that finds ultimate expression and emotion on the canvas. 

To create, is to experience. To experience, is to perceive. It is important to her work, to acknowledge the construction of perception. As she strongly believes that its borders can be expanded. To appreciate the process. 

While her drawings lay on mostly minimalistic and very intuitive intentions, her paintings go further, but find- above the emotional wildness of color fields- elements of drawings, on the surface. As an appreciation for the importance and the fragile intimacy of lines and patterns, which often are overlaid in a painter's process. From the surface to the deeper layers, and then return. 

170cmx260cm Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas
Companion of Felix
150x250cm Acrylic and oil pastell on canvas
United States
Los Angeles
United Kingdom



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