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My paintings are about the human experience. In my work I am trying to capture & release a feeling, emotion, or story that does not hide the imperfections as part of the viewing experience. Therefore, I mix different techniques with acrylic paint, acrylic pen, spray paint, soft pastels, and oil pastels. So each work evolves from large strokes to small details, to the next mark, layer upon layer, uncovering until the painting is completed. This allows for an extension of the self while connecting with the viewer.


Born in Germany. Raised in the US and different parts of Germany, I studied English and American Studies at the University of Vienna in Vienna, Austria. With a Bachelor of Arts in hand, I moved back to the states for six years and worked in different fields. But I was always drawn back to modern abstract art. I started painting in my spare time until a move back to Vienna allowed for me to start painting full time.

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