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Yasmin Sharabi explores her heritage and identity, through her drawings of memories of a specific moment in time.

Derived from photographs that either she has taken or that have been passed down through generations, these are replicas of real scenes. Despite their lyricism, nothing is fictionalized. As she draws, Yasmin attempts to magnify the features of the snapshot, to measure and analyze each detail and to expand them to scale. Through this process, by way of the gestures and marks, Yasmin expresses her nostalgia for a particular moment and for the signs, symbols and synchronicities that existed within it.

What results are hauntingly contemplative drawings, with subtle, yet valuable messages. 

Miriam at the Factory, 2018
A young woman, my dear friend Miriam, lying on an antique Swahili daybed, on the rooftop of a building that once functioned as coconut oil factory in Lamu, Kenya, now residence of Lisson Gallery owner, Nicholas Logsdail. Graphite on Acid Free Paper.
Work Credit: 
Yasmin Sharabi
All the Kingdoms, 2020
According to the Bible, Mount Quarantania is the location where Jesus was ‘tempted by the devil’. (The name derives from the Latin word quarantena, which means 40, as in the number of days that Jesus fasted). From Matthew 4:8: ‘Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor’. “All this I will give you”, he said, “if you will bow down and worship me ”. When she arrived at a point high up on the mountain, I saw a Muslim man praying towards the Monastery that was built over centuries within the rocks. Now owned by the Orthodox church, a monk was sitting on the building's balcony, overlooking Jericho. Graphite on Acid Free Paper.
Work Credit: 
Yasmin Sharabi
Elsewhere, 2020
1943, Hayti, South Dakota A home in the middle of winter, in 1943, most likely in Hayti, South Dakota. Both the subject and the photographer are unknown. Charcoal and Graphite on Acid Free Paper. Drawn from an inherited collection of old photos.
Work Credit: 
Yasmin Sharabi
Pole, Pole (Slowly, Slowly), 2018
Pole, Pole (Slowly, Slowly) (2017) recalls the Swahili expression that is often exclaimed as a reminder to someone that might be acting with excessive urgency. ‘Slowing down’, allows one to live in the moment and to appreciate their surroundings. In Lamu, Kenya, the oldest still inhabited town in East Africa, vehicles are banned. The locals traverse the tiny alleyways by foot, or, as is the case in this image, on the back of one of the thousands of donkeys that roam freely throughout the old town. Graphite on Acid Free Paper
Work Credit: 
Yasmin Sharabi
110 x 79 cm, Graphite on Paper
Work Credit: 
Yasmin Sharabi

Yasmin Sharabi was born in Athens, Greece in 1981. She is American, Palestinian and was raised in Bahrain, where she currently lives.

She holds an MA in Art Business from Sotheby’s Institute, London (2006) and a BA in Studio Art/ Art History, Minor in Psychology, Concordia University, Montreal (2004) where she was taught by the renowned Canadian painters Marion Wagschall and the late Yves Gaucher.

In 2014, she curated an exhibition with 40 artists from the Gaza Strip, Palestine, a collaborative venture between PADICO (Palestine), the APT (Artist Pension Trust), the UNDP and the Institute Francais (Jerusalem).

In 2014 and 2016 she contributed as an artist to the Lamu Art Project, an art residence Lisson Gallery owner Nicholas Logsdail.

She has overseen a number of projects, developing collaborations between artists and creatives from various disciplines, in Bahrain and internationally.

Yasmin currently works as curator and consultant to the prominent Bahraini artist and collector H.E. Shaikh Rashid bin Khalifa Al Khalifa. 

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