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Experiential Expressionism :  A modern evolution, my artistic development to find new ways of expressing myself, bending rules, ideas and concepts to create something that is truly mine.

My art is about finding that equilibrium, in which I capture a moment, a sensation that was in our now and vanished shortly after. Even when current times seem to be an endless hurdle, my work tries to extract the colorful moments that keep us going. The current work focuses on the unknown, the mystery of something that we haven’t seen yet and finding stories that haven’t been told yet. It is about extending the experience of art beyond the initial medium, finding new ways of expressing myself and questioning the power of art.

From a young age (born in the Netherlands) the human behavior mesmerized me. One of the key elements I want to investigate is how to transform the experience of observing art into an almost tangible sensation. Not only learning to master the technical skills, but creating new and better experiences.

One of the main focuses is blending cinema (film) with the physical world and creating installation art that intertwines different forms into an experience. It is about integrating the way you see/feel/react into the work and use those parameters to push boundaries forward.

Our experience of life is among the most interesting questions an artist can ask, my endless curiosity for what we don’t know yet drives me to experiment and express my view of my reality. Art isn’t only in the power of the artist, but in finding the right tone, sensation and color is something that is created by timing, in enjoying the coincidental, to let go and to just try and try again.


( My Artist Statement is something fluid, on a spectrum of interests, ideas and experiments. I take a general view of the many things that I engage with, being as receptive as I can be to the known and unknown. )

"With the breeze of spring, I captured the flowers that brought me joy and memories" • Digital Photography Artwork • 80 x 80 cm - 31.49 x 31.49 in • Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta
"In the mirage of memories, I saw the flowers sparkle, ensured my endless gaze" • Digital Photography Artwork • 85 x 55 cm - 33.46 x 21.65 in • Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta

Aristo Vopĕnka is an artist and film director, born in the Netherlands and working from Brussels, Belgium. Vopĕnka uses a variety of artforms, including photography, film, video art, sculptures and installations. He developed the genre Experiential Expressionism.

It is impossible to say when Vopĕnka became an artist, as the need for self-expression has always been there. Influenced by different styles and cultures, Vopĕnka experimented with different mediums and art forms , in his quest to find new ways of expressing himself. He graduated from LUCA | school of arts in 2019, where he obtained his master of art. Following his entrepreneurial drive in 2018, Vopĕnka co-founded DURVYN, a tech company working on the living experience of the future, innovating and merging art, architecture and lifestyle.

In his recent work Vopĕnka explores the boundaries between photography, illustration, painting and print. Using an experimental attitude towards these different media, new forms of expression take place. They are the beginning of a contemporary reinterpretation of expressionism which he has started to call experiential expressionism.

With his art Vopĕnka wants to touch the spectator through a total experience, in which the experience is part of the artwork. Designing that experience and the interaction with the viewer forms the core of his current research and main motivation in the creation of new works. The fascination to work with space, light, sound and visuals are a constant evolution of what we know, questioning the possibilities of today’s art.

In addition to freelance audiovisual work commissioned by musicians, Vopĕnka regularly collaborates with other artists, to broaden his horizon and find inspiration for new works. The portfolio website offers galleries, collectors and visitors an attractive platform to browse the oeuvre, allowing for direct interaction and exclusive views on the expanding body of work.

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