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Through his photos Eddy Verloes tries to make time stand still and make us consider the question as to how long we will still be able to enjoy our coasts. The photographer confronts us not only with the insignificance - sometimes even pathos - of man in nature, where he is only a spot in the great whole but, at the same time, he sets his sights on that same spot and his photos raise a gentle or even broad smile on our faces. What, in fact, are we doing here? How do we fritter away our time on this planet? We race past ourselves all year round only to make up the "lost time" in one or another paradise. In some of his photos he exposes the person both literally and figuratively, not to hold him up to ridicule directly, but rather to show how he essentially is. Perhaps nature is the point of light and/or repose in the search for man himself. That is also why you will often find in the photos a lonely runner, cyclist or man out walking (with or without dog) who perhaps brings us to the understanding that the time we spend here is actually no more than a grain of sand in the desert. The only possible solution for survival is for us to connect with each other and with the planet. GET CONNECTED !!! Cause we are one. One world. One consciousness. That is our survival. And only that. Work together and come as one. According to the photographer, the sea is the most suitable place for reflection/connection. There you see the human being in its purest form. The sea and humor create freedom and are, in a manner of photography, inseparably bound with Eddy Verloes.



Mother, why are we living?
And nothing else matters
My eternal love
Get connected
Who let the dog out?

Eddy Verloes

As a visual storyteller, Eddy Verloes creates a poetic and mysterious world in his mainly black and white photos that sometimes balance between realism and surrealism. He is always focused on the decisive moment and shoots with his soul, not with his camera. Some of his (street) photos are also spiced with a touch of humor and it's difficult to put him in a box. 

Eddy Verloes studied literature, philosophy and arts at the University of Louvain (Belgium) and the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg i.B. (Germany). As a photographer, he studied at CVO Louvain (Belgium). 

Between 2015 and 2021 he has published 4 photo books ("No time to Verloes", "Cuba libre", "Zeezuchten" and “Losing Our Minds/Buiten zinnen”) and has exhibited in several galleries in the USA, the United Kingdom, Russia, France, Malta, Austria, Greece, Crete, Serbia, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium. He has been selected several times for national and international competitions (LensCulture, Life Framer, All-About-Photo). In 2020/2021 he has already received more than 50 awards/prizes: he was the Belgian Winner of the EISA Maestro Photo Contest 2020, Vienna International Photo Awards 2020, selected for New York Center for Photographic Art, selected as one of the 25 Winners at the All-About-Photo Contest B&W, selected as one of the best contemporary photographers worldwide by the American site All-About-Photo, Winner of the Life Framer Photo Contest 2020 ("Civilization"), Travel Photographer of the Year 2020 (Best Single Image – People of the world), selected for the Life Framer Collection 2020, Winner Pangea Prize Siena Creative Photo Awards 2021 (Open Theme), Award Winner Malta International Photo Travel Award 2020/2021, 2nd Place MonoVisions Awards 2021 (“Photojournalism”), Finalist FOCUS Photo L.A. 2021, Los Angeles, Winner 16th Annual Black & White Spider Awards 2021 Beverly Hills (California), Winner Union of Lights 2021 World Photography Contest (Street & Lifestyle), 3rd Place Winner (Photojournalism) Monochrome Photography Awards 2021 London (UK), Winner 17th Pollux Awards 2021 (Open Theme -series) Barcelona (Spain), Finalist LensCulture Art Photography Awards 2022, Winner Chelsea International Photography Competition 2021/2022 New York (USA), Winner Fine Art Photography Awards 2021/2022 (Photojournalism) 8th edition London (UK), Gold Winner Muse Photography Award 2022 (Fine Art Photography - People) NY (USA), Gold Winner London Photography Awards 2022 (Black & White Photography -Religious), Finalist Siena Creative Photo Awards 2022.

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