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Ommery De Zutter

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The artworks unravel the possibilities provided by digital space and researches new aesthetics within these digital tools.
Condensing all this energy society creates into art as an endpoint, Ommery decided to create a new starting point in the process.
This is done through commissioned real-estate projects, demanding photorealistic images, and fulfilling economic needs.
These spaces of soon to be buildings are then transformed into new artworks.
Creating a duality between polished real-estate images and new digital aesthetics of what space can be.
Between being an artist with no fixed value and being a cog in the system with economic value.
By pushing the digital experimentation into the extremes he hopes people realize the broad spectrum laying in-between.

Lodge of Akrasia III
Playing around with architectural space. What can be the role of the architect in these digital worlds? And how do we go about designing digital space? What can it look like and what about functionality? Aesthetics? If the architect is a curator providing a framework for the user, what kind of framework can the architect provide digitally? And is society waiting for these digital spaces? We have the means of 3D space for a long time now which we use for gaming and representation of things that will be build, can it become more than that?
Striating Smooth Space
Deleuze and Guattari call smoothing and striating as two antagonistic interpretations and operations of territory. The territory of the nomads are smooth spaces, striated spaces on the other hand are created by the sedentary. For architecture this conflict is fundamental. Institutions establish a set of rules and framework in which the subjects have the assurance they will socially evolve within this pre-established hierarchy the more they conform to these rules. Architects establish plans that are the direct expression of their transcendental control over the matter and architecture's users. Architecture embodies the striating space in the defined limits of land dealing with private property and space. Digital space has no boundaries, its creation can be endless and embodies a new smooth space.

De Zutter Ommery is a Belgian digital artist who studied engineering-architecture at the University of Ghent.
These studies in architecture made him wonder what space might look like in a digital society. How can these digital tools affect society and what does it mean for architecture itself? Through his self-employment visualizing real-estate projects he began to experiment with these tools. At first trying to get a grasp on them, but later on finding more and more ways on how these tools could impact society.

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