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In January I released a clothing collection called Dead Love that includs 6 looks. Each piece is designed and constructed by hand and by myself. I creatively directed and styled each of the shoots. I incorporate my illustrations in to my garment designs and the aesthetic influences the garment's colour pallet and mood. The Dead Love collection was exploring texture by manipulating the movement in draping. Each piece incorporated its own interpretation of fabric manipulation and button detailing.

Look 5 Dead Love Collection
look 5 blkdevil horned bonnet, whte puff blouse, dst pleated skirt, black woven leg warmers with button details
Look 2 Dead Love Collection
skcyn wrapped hooded shredded dress

I am an interdisciplinary artist that focuses in textiles and illustrations. I am based in Montreal and Halifax Canada, and am currently doing my Bachelor of Fine arts majoring in Textiles and Fashion Design at NSCAD. I am interested in experimental texture and unbalanced movements in my designs. In which I explore through using fabric to manipulate the human bodys sculptural forms and volumes. In the past two years, I have created my own brand that embodies my illustrations and garments. My illustrations have a consistent story within each. I have created a morbid, unlabelled and non-binary world of characters that represent many attributes of my unconscious mental state. The world is intertwined and expressed both in my illustrations and in my garments.The characters go in and out of different worlds that I create with detailed lines and symbolism. 

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