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Cameron Lings is a Contemporary Artist and Sculptor based in the North East of the UK. Throughout his extensive artistic practice, aspects of time, data and statistics are combined within the context of a singular event, in order to realise an abstract yet functionally readable piece of work. Here, he questions and challenges perception of environmental space and traditional data sets. Cameron's belief being, that where we can record data, a form of art can, and does, exist within it, waiting to be unearthed with a physical system of creation.

 Variants of scale, shape, material choice and form surface within his creations, in order to provoke innate characteristics of which remain contextually relevant. When working with data sets, he finds that agency is handed from oneself to the pre-existig numerics, resulting in the works taking on their own instinctive visual traits. "My current work tends to ironically create itself, and in a way, exists originally in a non-artistic language. I have found that my place in my practice, is to translate what exists; into a format which not only results in an intriguing piece of artwork, but as bridge between the gaps of science, mathematics and contemporary art.

OnSite: Looking Forward to Looking Back
Presenting abstracted bodies of statistics, each of these works document a significant 24-hour turning point, in relation to the Covid19 Pandemic in the United Kingdom. Here, recordings of the Daily Hourly Temperature Readings in the North East of England, recall exactly what we were experiencing environmentally, during the key moments that shaped our previous year. (left to right:) 1 – February 21st 2020: The First Coronavirus Positive Test in the UK 2 – March 5th 2020: The First Coronavirus Related Death in the UK 3 – March 16th 2020: Announcement of the First Nationwide UK Lockdown 4 – April 23rd 2020: Human Vaccine Trials Begin in Europe 5 – May 5th 2020: Opening of the Nightingale Hospital in the North East of England 6 – May 28th 2020: NHS Track and Trace Released to the UK Public 7 – June 29th 2020: The UK’s First Local Lockdown is Introduced 8 – September 18th 2020: UK Announces an Inevitable Coronavirus Second Wave 9 – October 31st 2020: A Total of 1 Million Positive Coronavirus Cases is Recorded in the UK 10 – November 5th 2020: Beginning of the Second Nationwide UK Lockdown 11 – December 8th 2020: The First Pfizer Vaccination Administered in the UK 12 – January 4th 2021: The First Oxford Vaccination Administered in the UK 13 – January 5th 2021: Beginning of the Third Nationwide UK Lockdown
Work Credit: 
Cameron Lings (Project funded by The Gillian Dickinson Trust)
Evidence of Consiquence
Human loss, throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic, has always been a fearful factor, possessing national and international significance. Here, I realise how 12 months of death, can manifest itself visually. Despite this blackened abstract form physically existing within the confines of its container, it still holds metaphorical notability within the real world. This sculpture’s structure and composition, is generated from the statistics of daily Covid19-related deaths, throughout the United Kingdom, over a 12-month period. The fluctuation of movement, within the rectangular segments, depicts the increases and decreases in national deaths. A mere millimetre of compositional change in this piece, represents the loss of over 100 lives. Here, we share viewpoint of researchers, victims and bystanders, as we can examine the data, and behold the loss, which has changed our modern world. This form exists among us, and still is being generated. We will all have experienced encounters of a Covid19 death, and here they are collaboratively met within a singular form.
Work Credit: 
Cameron Lings

Cameron Lings is a contemporary artist and sculptor from the industrial-known town of Scunthorpe, UK. He studied Art and Design at North Lindsey College, before more recently graduating from The MIMA School of Art and Design, with a First Class Degree with Honours in Fine Art. Cameron has appeared in over 30 exhibitions, and has been recognised internationally through a collection of publications and several awards.


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