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I am a glass and ceramic artist specialising in creating kiln-formed sculptural, architectural, and site-specific artwork. Traditional and digital techniques are often combined to create work based upon my observations of the natural world or social issues. I exploit glass’s unique material properties, including its transmittance of light, and optics, often incorporating depth and multiple perspectives into my work. Intangibility and hidden elements also interest me.

Recently I have been thinking about how I associate language with my nationality. As the Covid-19 pandemic has progressed I have recorded the new phrases that have quickly become part of our daily use. As a contemporary artist I think it’s rare for people worldwide to have such a similar experience within the same period of time. It therefore seems obvious to me to produce artwork around this theme. Masks perhaps signify this shared experience more than anything else, becoming protection for ourselves, other people, and even as fashion statements or expressions of individuality. This is despite our facial emotions and visual communication being hidden and thus restricting our social interactions with one-another. Hopefully one day we can visually reconnect without so much of a need for these. Despite all of the anxiety and sadness the one thing that prevails is hope represented by the many rainbows displayed during lockdown. This is an installation artwork that I feel everyone can relate to.
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Daniel Rollitt Photography by Daniel Rollitt
Body Beautiful
The figure was hand modelled in wax before being cast in glass. Both materials translate each other's fluidity. Details are captured in the drips of wax and sumptuous modelled form with differing depth and curves. The form emphasizes the curves of muscle and flesh present in bodies as a whole. The bubbles cast in the glass are illuminated by light.
Work Credit: 
Daniel Rollitt Photography by David Williams

I was born in Lincoln, UK in 1984 and have had an interest in art, drawing, and making things from an early age. I was led to believe that there was no real career choice in Art and so went to work in the civil service for over 7 years, teaching myself photography and visiting gardens in my spare time. I entered local, national, and international competitions with varying success. Upon being made redundant in 2013, I decided to reskill in a career I enjoyed. I undertook a variety of craft-related courses at Lincoln Castle's Heritage Skills Centre and The National Centre of Craft & Design. I could see the potential in glass fusing but wanted to learn other glass techniques and so after taking a Foundation Diploma in Art & Design and specialising in 3D Design, I decided to study BA Hons Glass and Ceramics at The University of Sunderland. I graduated in 2018 gaining a 1st Class Honours Degree. I have since set up my own studio near Lincoln (see my blog). I plan to continue entering competitions, applying for commissions, and producing my own work for galleries and exhibitions. I also wish to create more contemporary artworks that can be enjoyed by everyone through public works. Some of my successes include being selected as a finalist in the British Glass Biennale in August 2017 and Bullseye Emerge in June 2018.

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