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Inspired by Italian Renaissance and Baroque artists as well as her contemporaries, Lídia's work is characterized by her use of color and a pictorial environment to explore current issues. In her personal projects, she occasionally incorporates self-portraits. Her photographs are also known for containing hidden Easter eggs, inviting viewers to explore her work more deeply and discover all of its secrets.

Every masterpiece has its secrets
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When I was little, my grandfather would sit me on his lap, put the newspaper in front of me, give me a pen, and say: “Sign here”. Gradually, I started scribbing on almost anything I found, filling it not only with signatures, but also with drawings. The other day, I was telling my partner about my obsession with notebooks. I have so many notebooks filled with thoughts, numbers, drawings, things that aren’t even important… but I love looking at them ❤️ Today, I found my old diary and realized that I’m still writing one, just in a different way and, with technology, sometimes in other formats. In this photo, I’m sharing some of the marks of my memory.
Inspired by the traditional Swedish festival that celebrates the summer solstice, in “Midsommar” the transition from one season to another is represented with a sleeve of flowers that, little by little, disappear to leave the rest of the body naked. I inspired by Ari Aster 's film “Midsommar”, whose aesthetic “casted a “spell on her. For a long time, I had in mind to make a seasonal representation in the style of Botticelli, but I did not have a completely defined idea. After watching the film, it occurred to me to cover half of my body with flowers, representing the spring, leaving the other half uncovered representing summer and the transition between both seasons.

Lídia Vives (born 1991 in Spain) is a photographer and visual artist based in Barcelona. Her work has been published in magazines such as Esquire and Vogue Italy, and exhibited in numerous galleries, fairs, and museums around the world, including the Louvre in Paris. Notably, she has collaborated with the Spanish band Love of Lesbian.

Since her first exhibition in 2013, Lídia has traveled the world presenting her work, and has received various international awards, including gold medals in the Trierenberg Super Circuit in 2018, the Fine Art Photographer of the Year award at the Monochrome Awards in 2021, and the Professional Photographer of the Year 2021 at the MUSE Photography Awards.

In addition to her work as an advertising and fashion photographer, Lídia sells her art to collectors, decorators, and architects, and also teaches retouching at the IDEP school in Barcelona.

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