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I’m a selective person hiding under carefree mask, I require control. However, requiring control doesn’t mean that you´re always going to have it. The universe is not very fond of being told what to do, it will throw your off your set course so bad that in the end you won´t remember where you started, let alone where were you headed.

As a painter I aim to render my struggle between systematical order and chaos, and the possibility of balancing the two through my process. My body of work is based on themes of chaos, control, balan­ce, emotions and progression; specifically my struggle to keep them all in check taking my personal life as a reference. With the overlapping of various shapes and lines of different width and sizes along with a highly saturated color palette, the aftermath is an energetic composition where the fluidity of the handmade lines ends up forming a visual path that balances and divides the space permitting the eye to travel about the painting without being terribly overwhelmed. At the same time, these lines become paths some reach the edge while others are either interrupted or disappear altogether somewhere in the composition, bringing forward questions of the unknown and what it could be; a person’s ability to glimpse ahead, to move forward by sheer will.

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Alejandra Gotera was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela in 1994. She started her journey in the arts at the age of 9, having always been interested in the extraordinary and what could be she dived head first in surrealism and later on fell in love with abstraction. As she grew older and with the help of her family she decided to attend the University of South Florida in Tampa where she attained her Bachelors in Fine Arts degree in Studio Art with focus on Painting along with certificates in Visualization and Design as well as Art History in 2017.

For the first two years of her school career Alejandra’s work was mainly abstract with lots of bright colors and very loose representations of life. Eventually any representation of the natural world became irrelevant and colors and texture were brought to the foreground. The last two years at USF were spend under the influence of great artists like Michael Covello, Ezra Johson, Sue Havens and Neil Bender all who pushed her to confront her own self-imposed limitations, which led Alejandra focus on exploration, she went through different surfaces such as canvas, paper, wood, and even cardboard in order to not only push the medium to its limits, but also pique the interest of the viewer and satiate her need to create. By graduation Alejandra was looking at the work of artist like Helen Frankenthaler, Katharina Grosse, Jackie Soccacio and Heather Day; her own work dealing with themes such as chaos and control, it was about letting the medium run free rather than trying to shape it to her will.

 Recent years however, have brought abrupt changes in the artist’s practice. Due to the ever growing political unrest going on in Venezuela, Alejandra finds herself an alien dependent of the good will of a country with questionable approach to immigration laws. There is a constant feeling of unrest in the artist’s life which can be clearly seen in her recent work. Rather than letting the medium do its thing, Alejandra now looks more for stability rather than spontaneity. She now aims to communicate her journey and the constant struggle to achieve balance among the chaos. Lines now become path to different outcomes, and each painting turns into new worlds full of possibilities almost daring the viewers to find their own path within.

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