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My artistic work is built from the observation of the world we live in, more precisely of life, of daily or even usual human relations with the sociocultural topics of this XXI century. I usually choose social topics such as femininity, sexuality and technology. These subjects are a permanent source of inspiration because they are constantly and rapidly changing in function on our social changes. My creative process is organized first from a visual projection, a form of synthesis or staging, of the subject I wish to address. The work produced must allow the visitor to question himself. It is all about creating a space for reflection whose framework remains the artistic proposition itself, while implementing a concept through a figurative approach. I consider my body to be my first medium; it is easily accessible to me, and allows me great freedom of composition and assembly. Painting, photography and engraving are techniques that constitute for me the means of giving a lasting and structured account of my commitment. These productions are also essential components of my performances and installations. I felt the need to create something imaginary, that looked at everything from a broader perspective, so it should not physically coexist with all of us. And it is then, two years ago that I created Eva. Eva is a character that represents the first woman in the world, who is transported to this 21st century to represent it artistically way. Always with the aim of creating awareness in the viewer, Eva proposes different installations where the elements on display are my works that revolve around a specific sociocultural theme in conjunction with other elements that suggest the imaginary presence of this character. Generally, these installations have a performative character, leaving a part of the work outside the canvas, making reference to the "presence-non-presence" of the matter. In short words, Eva is that "femininity" present in each person but not present in physical form. She lives and expresses through us and in my case as an artist, I wanted her to be the voice of my art ...

The reborn of Eva
This installation-performance consists of 6 paintings, a chair and Eva taking a selfie. This project its made from the decomposition of a "selfie" into 6 oil paintings that abstractly represents the sexual reproduction in the female organ. It questions the transformation of our sexuality with the new technologies of our epoch.
The copper thread
Inspired by new technologies and how our sexuality and way of relating is changing, I have created this small photo-series that talk about virtual love and this new window that technology has opened for us to meet without touching each other ...

Josefina Trepte was born in Santiago, Chile, into a german family. His grandfather the painter Oskar Trepte had been forced to leave Nazi Germany, considering his art "degenerate". This family and cultural heritage prompted Josefina Trepte very early an interest in the human condition, by raising the question of culture on the scale of a global context dominated by the notion of progress. In 2016, she left Chile to feed her research into new technical approaches. First at the Escola Massana in Barcelona where she learned about classic pictorial techniques as well as new printing and engraving techniques. Then in Paris, at the Duperre School where she experimented in depth the work of the image in engraving. Her work is focused on the observation and reflection of the world which we live in, especially on the sociocultural topics that characterize this XXI century. In 2018, Josefina starts a production where the performance of her works are embodied in an artistic character named Eva. Eva is a fictitious, mythological being who a priori has no geographic or temporal hold; she represents the first, but also all women. Her journey through our XXI century, her circulation and questions reveal the contours of her fluctuating condition, in relation to the mentalities, and history of Humanity.

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