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From her journey in women's fashion, Léa keeps her sensitivity to women and the desire to represent them. They are her main theme, with hands and gestures. We recognize her works to her thin lines and refine style. She draw with ink on paper and use golden leafs as touches in her illustrations Her work is a light universe that symbolically brings attention to the magic details surrounding us, the one that exist within us, too. Her inspiration come mainly through musics and the sensitivity she has for her visual environment.

«The world is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper »
2023. Ink on paper.
2023. Ink on paper and golden leafs.

Lea is a French artist, working on southern France under the Artist name "Léa, Youthemagician".

It is in the early 2010s that Lea made her first drawings with ink and pen, and will never leave it.

After studying and working severals years in fashion design, she decided in 2021 to focus her work to be a full time Artist.

She is now working with selected galerist an resellers, among  "Maison Contemporain" from whom she joined the Artist Viewingroom early 2023.

Her work, "Hand Talk-The presentation" have recently been selected by D31 Art Gallery to joined their spring online exhibition : "The Magic of Transformation"

Through her first illustration serie, "Hand Talk", created in 2020/2022, she expressed her sensitivity to the magic shared through everyday details - and gestures, in particular.

She presented her second serie, "Bird Set free" in January 2023. Through the birds and feather symbols, the artist express in this serie the feeling of lightness and found freedom.

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