Dorothée Zombronner

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Dorothée Zombronner arranges different media to visualize them in other or new kinds of ways. A central issue in her works is a critical discussion of normative beauty and the questioning of assigned visual habits. Her favorite medium is watercouler-painting, she also works with collages and photography. Dorothee Zombronner holds a degree in fine arts (Muthesius-Academy of Fine Arts Kiel) and a degreein cultural theory and history from Humboldt University. She lives and works in Berlin.

Watercolour on paper. 40x60 cm.
Work Credit: 
Dorothee Zombronner
Nitrofrottage on canvas. 30x40 cm.
Work Credit: 
Dorothee Zombronner

Born 1982 in Göttingen/ Germany

2002-2007 Muthesius University of Fine Arts Kiel - Diplom Fine Arts (2007)

2014-2016 Humboldt-University Berlin - M.A. Cultural History and Theory (2017)

Group and Solo Shows (selection)

2020 Curves’n forms (G), Haze Gallery, Berlin ///

2020 Fe-Male Enlightenment (G), Parallel Vienna Art Fair, Vienna, Austria ///

2020 Diversity-Suitcase (G), WUK, Vienna, Austria ///

2018 Feminine Tripper (G), Galerie MAP, Oslo, Norway///

2018 Art Auction: 2010's (G), Weserhalle, Berlin, Germany///

2017 Selfportrait – in context of female artists (G), Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna, Austria ///

2016 And you'd never guess to who you're talkin... (G), Hilbertraum Berlin, Germany ///

2014 Vaginamuseum Vienna (G), Quartier for digital Art, Vienna, Austria ///

2014 WYSIWYG (S), Okazi Gallery, Berlin, Germany ///

2013 Oberflächenspannung (G), Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin, Germany ///

2012 Objects In The Rear View Mirror (S), Eur. Parliament hosted by Jan Philipp Albrecht, MEP. Brussels, Belgium ///

2009 Watchlist 09 (G), Junge Kunst Contemporary, Berlin ///

2009 Love Me Gender/Gender Is Happening (S), Performance, Heinrich Böll-Foundation Berlin, Germany ///

(G)= Groupshow; (S)= Soloshow

United Kingdom
China SAR/ Canada
Hong Kong/ Vancouver



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