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Navot Miller

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I like to work with topics such as religion, architecture and identity, presenting my ideas through drawing, filming and painting.
My images depict landscapes and social scenarios in locations I visit through my traveling.
As my main mediums are video and painting, the works I create are envisioned as multilayered collages of aspects of imprecision in life and often concerned with the unexpected point of view.

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Water Pastel on Paper, 2020, 72 x 102 cm
Men in Pool
Water Pastel on Paper, 2019, 70 x 100 cm
Family Portrait in Faroe Islands
Water Pastel on Paper, 2020, 143 x 203 cm
Lake Como
Water Pastel on Paper, 2019, 50 x 70 cm
Willy in Kule
Water Pastel on Paper, 2020, 72 x 102 cm

Navot Miller (b.1991) is currently based in Berlin, Germany. Throughout his life, Miller has always been fascinated by visuals and sound as a way of expressing ideas and exploring sexuality, religion and desire. Using the practice of opposite and contrasting colors as a form of painting and the aesthetic of short videos, Miller creates montages of scenes into both paper and videos while juxtaposing tragedy and positivity. He is a recipient of Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Scholarship, studies at the University of Arts Berlin since 2017 and established himself as a permanent member of the art community KuLe, where he lives collectively with 17 other artists. Recent exhibitions include “Against The Wall”, HVW8 Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2020), “True lies for singled freedom”, Art Zagreb, Zagreb, Coratia (2019) and “Post Paris Ass”, curated by M.I/mi1glissé, Paris Ass Book Fair, Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2018).

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