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I have used different techniques to represent what I feel, starting with drawing and moving on to photography. Recently I have turned to collage, because it allows me to represent exactly what I have in mind. I also think that collage is a kind of metaphor for creativity itself. Nothing is created from nothing, but we start from what already exists, transforming it into new shapes and colours. Collage, as an artistic technique, takes existing images, breaks them down, mixes them up and puts them back together again, giving a new concept to something that previously meant something else.
In the new order given to the chaos of images that surround us, unexpected messages sometimes emerge, as in a dream.

I look for images that seem interesting to me, that somehow speak to me. I cut them out and let them develop until I find other images that can be combined with the ones I have already found. It may be because of a similarity of shape, colours or meaning, or simply because I find that two images go well together, or reinforce each other.
Other times I start with a concept that an image inspires in me, or a vision, and specifically look for the images I need to create what I have in mind. I cut them out and start to combine them, but rarely is the end result what I had foreseen. I let the images recombine themselves organically, I let them talk to each other, until I reach a result that I think will work, from the point of view of meaning, but also aesthetically.

I can't hear you
We cannot hear what others are saying to us if we keep talking and do not listen.
What did you say?
We cannot communicate if we use the wrong tools.

Often inspired by themes related to psychology, my work is a reflection on the human condition, on the perception of self and others, on the difficulty of communication, but also on the relationship between man and nature, on how the human being feels often above nature, from which he was born and cannot be separated.

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United States
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