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The series "Compund Effect" has been created in the last 4 years. So far there are ten photographs, taken in urban areas of Germany, Czech, Canada and Iran. The pictures show residential buildings, parks and urban landscapes. These places sometimes show signs of misfortune, destruction or neglect. However, the buildings are often strangely out of place and proportion.  

I often assemble my images from several original shots of these places or manipulate them very carefully. I remove image elements that bother me and add parts from other images or 3D programs.

These manipulations serve me to visualize and reinforce my feelings and interpretations.  Even if the pictures appear deserted, one discovers people hidden or isolated in the background. However, the locations themselves and the architecture reinforce the sense of a total absence of humanity. Although the buildings and landscapes are man-made, they symbolize the dangers, aggression and arbitrariness that people are exposed to and to which they often only react with helplessness, insecurity and fear. From my point of view, these places reflect the current state of our society as well as certain processes and changes.

The Gate
Recent Developments
The Dump
Laughing Man

Thiemo Kloss is an artist working with photography and moving images. He graduated from Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule in 2011. While focusing on long term projects, he combines traditional analogue techniques with a digital work environment and develops a new aesthetic for each series. The work revolves around people and the various constraints they are exposed to. Recurring themes are society, man-made environments, media and the self. Additionally the works are deeply rooted in his own feelings, experiences and observations.

His works have been exhibited throughout Europe, the Middle East and the U.S. He had his second solo exhibition at Nachtspeicher23, Hamburg in 2018. The most recent group exhibitions include Zeitenwende, Marianne Brandt Award, Young Cheezze Award and OFF_Festival.

Kloss won and was nominated for various awards and grants including Marianne Brandt Award, Felix Schoeller Photo Award and the Canon Profifoto Grant.

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