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Acknowledging the ubiquity of suffering and inspired by Nietzsche’s philosophy, my response to the tragedy of life is to embrace the suffering it entails. In my practice I use photography as a main medium and explore the human condition, the forgotten and the repressed, highlighting the symbolic relationship between objects, and between objects and people. Inspired by science fiction and psychoanalysis, I create allegorical, sculptural works that reveal an alienated image of the world and question the notion of existence.

Evil Flowers Need Love Too
For “Evil Flowers Need Love Too” (2021) I created a plant with a flower out of medical needles, which I then photographed. While I made it I got stung and bled many times but I kept on. Even now, every time I accidentally touch it it stings, but I still have this strong need to care for it. After all it stings not from malice, but because it wants to live.
For “Existence” an infected egg caries life and a potential threat. The work is a reference to the memory of the wound of every birth, the fear of decay and the blood acts as a reminder that existence is pain. All the above is condensed into a body that carries.

Mari Masouridou is an Athens, Greece, based visual artist and photographer. Her work focuses on the human condition and on the idea of ​​non-physical use and relationship of objects with space and between them. In her practice she looks for places of reality that with their symbolic references can create an environment fertile for the imagination. She studied at Focus School of Art and Photography in Athens, at the International Center of Photography in New York and holds a BA and MA in Law. She has been selected from the Hellenic Center for Photography as one of Athens Photo Festival’s Young Greek Photographers (2016). Her work has been presented in several publications and venues in Greece and abroad, including MOMus Museum of Photography (2019), the Benaki Museum (2019,2018,2016), Cosmos-Arles Books (2018), the Contemporary Art Museum of Crete (2018),  the Melina Merkouri Foundation (2017), Float Gallery (2017), Beton7 Gallery (2016), the Void Gallery (2016), Booze Cooperativa Gallery (2015), and the 5th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art (2015).

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