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The art project is titled "Who is the hero?". It is my recent studio-based project. 

Since the last years, I ve investigated water-based materials on paper. The aesthetic of vintage botanical illustration and the delicate appearance of water-based materials have attracted and inspired me. The series of "Who is the hero?" is an artistic investigation of drawing and painting about the intertextual connections between the popular imagery of Disney and botanical illustrations. 

My purpose is to depict several views of the social world. There are two ways to interpret artworks. If the spectator's gaze interprets the image as a botanical illustration the issue of the inaccuracy and pseudo-scientific representation of the world arises.  If the spectator gaze renders the artwork as a comic illustration, the lack of narrative and reference raise questions of an isolated the fragmented world. 

Who is the hero?
Who is the hero? series

Maria Letsiou (born in Greece in 1972) is a visual artist, educator, and researcher. In 2010, she earned a Ph.D. degree in Art Education at the Athens School of Fine Arts (Department of Theory and History of Art). As a Fulbright visiting scholar (2015), hosted by Prof. Paul Duncum (UIUC’s School of Art and Design, USA),  she researched video production and visual culture education. Since 2011, Letsiou has participated in several international research projects organized by InSEA. She was a member of the organizational committee of the InSEA seminar in the School of Early Childhood Education of Aristotle University in Greece (2018). As a visual artist she has participated in two biennials (Luleå Art Biennial, LAB11, Sweden, 2011, and 9th Biennale of Young Artists in Europe, Rome, Italy, 1999). Her artworks have been presented in several solo and group exhibitions. Her educational and artistic research focuses on issues of contemporary culture and identity. She is currently teaching art education classes in the School of Early Childhood Education at Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Greece. 

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