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Observing the evolutionary course of our society, I approach it as an organic whole where the  individual is part of it. Considering the individual as a social cell, I create in each of my works a  different environment with similar circumstances, commenting on its interaction with society. Through the imaging of the organic microcosm of microbes and cells I try to show this very  relationship. Each environment created in every work comes from images showing viruses,  whether it is an accumulated mass that encloses cells, or is contained by a non-human organism,  leading to the death of the cells. Using successive layers and intense colors I seek to I stress the continuous and intense influence of man on the modern environment. A similar function has also the casing that I place in many shapes - points of the project, which is  hazy, in order for the viewer to choose were he will turn his attention. Sociologically, man will see what he wants to see and believe what he wants to believe. People  perceive themselves and their place in the world, from different perspectives. In many cases this social phenomenon occurs when people with similar beliefs create groups and  defensive sleeves so they can feel that they belong somewhere and at the same time can stand  out from others.
It is not the viewer's purpose to understand something clearly in the environment I create every  time, but to discover many times by chance, things through motifs that are sometimes recognizable and sometimes not to create an intimate feeling. Through this process the viewer becomes part of the project.

Stay Focused
According to social norms, people tend to rally and follow others based on their beliefs. In this project, although a group of cells is shown, there is a boundary. This demarcation has been placed, to show, the boundaries-frames that people often set, not only to themselves but also to those around them, either to differ or to become one with the masses.
Fight of Love
This work depicts a complex of endorphins and various other hormones. This complex is paralleled with the battle that is often fought between logic and emotion.

Born in 1994 in Thessaloniki and graduated from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, School of Fine and Applied Arts, with the BA and MA in Painting in 2018. In 2019 I had my first solo exhibition at the Artforum Gallery in Thessaloniki. Before that I participated in a number of group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. In 2018 I was awarded the 2nd prize of the "Breakthrough" International Art Competition, Takeda.Art/Help, Moscow. In 2016 I participated in an art residency project in Berlin. In 2018 and 2019 I've participated in the Art Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair.

Group Exhibitions:



-5th Art Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair, Gallery F, TIF-HELEXPO, Thessaloniki, Greece, curated by P. Alatsidis


-Limitless Limits, Larnaca Biennale, Larnaca, Cyprus, curated by M. Elia


-HOTELIA - International hotel wquipment exhibition, TIF-HELEXPO, Thessaloniki, Greece, curated by P. Tsatsis


-Artbox.Project Zürich 3.0, TIF-HELEXPO, Swissartexpo, Zürich, Switzerland


-New Perspectives, Cosmopolis Festival Kavala, Kavala, Greece


-Affordable Art, Lola Nikolaou Art Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece


-Albert Camus: 865 Letters, Online Group Art Exhibition, Florina Museum of Contemporary Art, Florina, Greece, curated by N. Kalaitzaki




-MOMus Resilience Project–So Far So Close, Online Exhibition, MOMus (Metropolitan Organisation of Museums of Visual Arts of Thessaloniki)



-Group Exhibition 2-Painting and Sculpture, Artforum Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece

-4th Art Thessaloniki Fair, TIF-HELEXPO, Thessaloniki, Greece, curated by P. Tsatsis

-Affordable Art, Lola Nikolaou Art Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece, curated by L. Nikolaou

-Digging Up 6+3, The Refugees Museum, Thessaloniki, Greece, curated by M. Dellaporta



-Breakthrough, Ekaterina Cultural Foundation, Moscow, Russia, curated by Mikhail Sidlin

-Emerging Artists,Open Art Lab-TIF HELEXPO, Art Thessaloniki Fair,Thessaloniki, Greece, curated by Y.Fokas

-Emerging Artists, Artforum gallery, Group Exhibition,Thessaloniki, Greece, curated by Y.Fokas



-From Camus to Sartre,The Refugees Museum,Thessaloniki, Greece, curated by H. Savvopoulos

-Gallery of the Society for Macedonian Studies, group exhibition of the 4th Studio (Department of Visual and Applied Arts),Thessaloniki, Greece, curated by Y. Fokas



-Vision and Illusion, Ummwelt-Bildungszentrum, Berlin, Germany, curated by A. Conrad

-A to Z in loop, Athens Digital Art Festival, Athens, Greece, curated by S.Dexis


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