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 Art serves as an honest appreciation of nature and surroundings. Paints and brushes help man interact with the divine within and get closer to a state of childish innocence and the brilliance of a master.

Living in a Garage
A moment captured when cars rust away in their safe house. Only light dances around to give them company. The inspiration for this painting began with a rustic series in mind. This work is a depiction of light and objects engaged in harmony. ​ Size: 28x36 inches. Medium: Acrylic on canvas.
Caught in the matrix of 9 to 5.
A composition depicting the situation of today's workers in offices. Shut off from all outside view with blinders to windows. Like birds in a cage. Hope can only be seen in their eyes as they work in this world of binary. Size: 48x36 inches Medium: Acrylic on Canvas.
Better be Bananas
Sometimes we all got to be Bananas. Tickling the most intriguing ideas in your brain. Such is the concept of this bizarre painting. This painting started off as an abstract for the Song Confutatis Maledictis from Mozart. Eventually ended up as a composition with a gorilla emerging from the shadows, While it rains bananas on him. ​ It can also be interpreted as our own state when something we want desperately is right in front of us yet is out of reach. Size: 54 x30 inches. Medium: Acrylic on canvas.
Ice creams is a freestyle painting. The idea is to get the feel of the objects depicted as loose forms. No constraints of perspective no accurate depiction of reality. Just a feeling of dripping ice creams invading your space. Don't worry they won't mess up your couch unless you get inspired by the painting and decide to have a bowl yourself. This is a unique composition and would stand out no matter where you decide to display it. It has its coolness and would depict your quirky taste. Size: 48x 36 inches Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Get your platter of ice creams today! Before they melt or get another home.
Bob Marley
The legendary Bob Marley painted in a way like never before. This painting shows him in a trance-like state while performing. Living a life of abundance, The peace and love in his songs still transcend today. Few people have left behind a legacy so magnificent that question the nature and intentions of mankind. Celebrate this icon by having this painting displayed at your home. A portion of the sale will be donated to Hunger Relief in Asia. Size: 36x36 inches Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Striking and timeless works of art are in store as you explore Adwait Khot’s art collection. This Indian modern contemporary resides in Pune. He paints alongside other artists collaborating and innovating new styles, themes and mediums.

With numerous exhibitions under the belt at prestigious institutions like KCC Kolkata, Jahangir Art Gallery Mumbai and Pune Art fest. This artist is on the rise to be one of the top 10 artists in the world born in the 90s.

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