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As a photographer, I am interested in how the nature and the bare human body exist together. My fascination lies in framing the bare body in nature and in showing how humans can be visualised in their natural state. I aim to encourage people to see their own body in a way in which they have never seen it before. Personally, I have always found inspiration in the alchemy of nature and the bare human form. My artwork represents the real definition of nudity and sexuality. Being said that, it also differentiates both.

My work draws on the power of freedom, pure emotions, liberations and self indulgence. In short, it is a poetic representation in the human form. My work is influenced on the lifestyle I live, where there are no boundaries. The visuals I draw do not discriminate any colours, shapes, objects, etc. I live in a space where my thoughts are not restricted, where my opinion matters. I like to live young and free, like a child, without any obligations and boundaries.

Work Credit: 
Akshay mali and co-ordinate photographer shabu chandra.
Blue morning
Work Credit: 
Akshay mali / in frame: madamastree and cinnamon skin
Work Credit: 
Akshay mali / inflame madamastree and cinnamon skin
This photo is taken in minus temperature. (Himalayas) India
Work Credit: 
Akshay mali / co-ordinate photographer - Kartik gada
Work Credit: 
Akshay mali / inframe sharmeeshtha.
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United States
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