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life is just a moment that's why we need to change what we feel wrong 

Explanation: Entanglement is an air purifier made out of tubes with spirulina Algae inside The air is pumped inside the tube and come out purified. This is thanks to the photosynthesis process. Spirulina is not an alga actually is a Cyanobacteria. We suppose that since the beginning of the world spirulina was one of the first organisms that populate our planet And the 80% of the oxygen that right now we are breathing is coming from Algae and Cyanobacteria. The installation wants to make people reflect, that in the future we should try to imagine a space of real coexistence where the person and another organism can live in symbiosis. We can improve our future thanks to human technology and nature
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Commitment: Fabrica research Center Photo credits: Maximilian Glas
Oggetti Inquieti
Oggetti inquietly. This is a really important day in my life, I give shape to what I think is design practice today. The designer is not just the person that says behind a computer and projecting. The designer is the one that thinks and projects our life every day and for these reasons, the designer needs to be self-responsible and propose a project that reflects not just human needs but the world one All these objects are realised in paper pulps’ waste, Art is a message to make people reflect on the future possibility Here we see the power of the paper and how can be applied and reused in our future.
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Commitment: Lucca Biennale

Jonathan Bocca, born in 1998 is an Italian sculptural designer from Lucca. He is graduated from IED in Florence and during his course of study, he attended the UAL in London. Currently based at Fabrica Research Center in Treviso, is now studying and working on new materials to create sculptures and objects that could change the way design is conceived.

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